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Jana Herwig, M.A.
Project Researcher

Research focus

   * Internet, Web & Social Web
   * New Media / Digital Media
   * Interface Politics

Short Bio

PhD candidate at the Dept. of Theatre, Film & Media Studies, University of Vienna

M.A. in Theatre, Film & Television Studies (major), Dutch language and literature (minor) and Education (minor), University of Cologne, Germany; CELTA (Basil Patterson College, Edinburgh, UK); studies abroad in South Africa (Rhodes University; Journalism & Media Studies, Afrikaans, Fine Art) and Belgium (Universiteit Gent, Dutch).

Academic work experience: Lecturer in English for media designers (FH Vorarlberg), Teaching assistant German as a foreign language (Rhodes University)

Industry: Various engagements as speaker on new media and social media, corporate blogger, project manager for new media, online editor and community manager over the past 12 years.

Article publications in English:

"The Archive as the Repertoire. Mediated and Embodied Practice on Imageboard 4chan.org", in: Günther Friesinger/Thomas Ballhausen (eds.): Mind and Matter. Paraflows 10 Symposium, conference proceedings, to appear in print in 2011.

"The uni's burning via Internet. Observations on the changing nature of protest", in: Eurozine, 1 July 2010, translated by Saul Lipetz, first published in: Stefan Heissenberger, Viola Mark, Susanne Schramm, Peter Sniesko, Rahel Sophia Süß (eds.), Uni Brennt. Grundsätzliches, Kritisches, Atmospherisches, Wien-Berlin: Verlag Turia + Kant 2010 (German version). (with Max Kossatz/Viola Mark)

"Liminality and Communitas in Social Media: The case of Twitter", full conference paper, presented at the Association of Internet Researchers's Annual Conference: Internet Research 10.0. Internet: Critical, Milwaukee, 8.-10.10.2009.

"Story-Enhancing Features for Interactive Systems - A Narratological Proposal", in: Vera Hornung-Prähauser/Michaela Luckmann (Hg.), Creativity and Innovation Competencies on the Web, Salzburg: Salzburg Research 2009, S. 334-342.

"The Dark Side of the Force. The Issue of Microplagiarism in Microlearning," in: Martin Lindner et al: Micromedia and Corporate Learning. Proceedings of Microlearning 2007, Innsbruck: IUP 2007, S. 79-98.

Extended list: https://tfm.univie.ac.at/personal/tfm-staff/jana-herwig/#c177702


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